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Zoom setup for mentor session

A straightforward and effective way to configure your Zoom settings prior to a meeting.

Best Practices

To ensure technical success we recommend the following prior to a meeting.

1. Use a computer during your mentor session, not a phone or tablet.

2. Find a quiet location to have your mentor session, and have headphones available.

3. Test your internet connection for a strong connection. Consider using an ethernet connection if your WiFI is not strong.

4.  Make sure Zoom is installed and you are using the latest version on your computer.

5. Test your microphone and video settings ahead of the meeting.

Alternative Solutions

If you have a preferred way to share audio over zoom you are of course welcome to configure your settings as you like. Another way to accomplish your audio routing is purchasing Audiomovers, LIstento, Loopback by Rogue Amoeba, or VB Cable. Let us know ahead of time if you will be using Listento.

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